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Australian spiders are known to be the most dangerous thing in this country.


They are mostly huge, and sometimes very venomous that can kill people with just one bite.

Apparently, we have 10,000 various species in Australia and some of them can be very harmful to humans. Here are the lists of venomous spiders you should be careful of.

1. Sydney funnel-web

Found in New South Wales, living in forests but often found in urban areas as well.

2. Redback spider

You can find Redback spiders in every area of Australia. They often stay in dry and dark places which is good for hiding.

3. White-tailed spiders

White-tailed spiders have a little white mark at the end of their backs. You can find them in urban areas across southern Australia.

There are more spiders such as Australian tarantulas, Recluse spiders, Huntsman spiders, and more that you should be aware of.

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