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Cockroaches are one of the few creatures that have survived on the earth since the ages of dinosaurs. In fact, fossil evidence shows cockroaches have been here from 300 million years ago. Over almost a 300million years, this creature has changed a lot of ..

As seasons change, we will have more of big rainy days every now and then. Who likes rainy days? Personally, rainy days are my favourite. I like the smell, sound, and the mood it brings. However, did you know that termites also love rainy days? They are a..

Increase in rats and mice infiltrating Brisbane homes results in rising calls for assistance.              Torrential rain and flooding cause rats and mice to retreat indoors, where there is an abundance of food and shelter. With these conditi..

A season comes to an end, and a new one begins. Summer has passed us by, and winter soon will have taken its place. When the cold weather hits, some pests go into hibernation, while others seek warmth and food sources inside homes. Pests are searching for..