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Do you have unwanted regular visitors? (Termites will come back!!)


Have you done termites inspection and cleaning them up?

Then you might expect they will never come back again.

Unfortunately, termites will come back unless you’ve had proper termite treatments.

There are 3 steps to stop termites from coming back!

Step 1. Termite tracking

Using high-tech equipment during the inspections, including Microwave Termite Tracking Systems by Termatrac and Moisture Meters by Tramex, termite tracking should be done in every possible location that termites can sneak in. 

Step2. Termidor

Termidor is a chemical that can kill termites effectively which termites are not able to detect.

Therefore as the colony goes about their day, they come into contact and ingest the chemical they then unknowingly take back to the nest.

Step 3. Termite Barrier

A barrier is the best way to stop termites from gaining concealed access into your house. All barriers are designed to make sure termites become visible, so there aren’t any nasty surprises 2 or 3 years after they have snuck in.

Operating in Brisbane, Logan & surrounding suburbs for over 27 years, the team at Dunrite provides above and beyond service that is prompt, honest, and reliable is what you will get from our team. Don’t leave it up to chance, if you are not getting a regular termite inspection call Dunrite today 1300 737 378  or enquire online.

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