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Do you like rainy days? Termites too!!


As seasons change, we will have more of big rainy days every now and then. Who likes rainy days? Personally, rainy days are my favourite. I like the smell, sound, and the mood it brings. However, did you know that termites also love rainy days? They are always looking for humid areas to settle in since they need moisture to survive. It’s because termites are fragile to sunlight and dry air, they could die if exposed to sunlight or open-air in just a few minutes.

That’s why you need to keep water away from the outside of your exterior walls. It is crucial to prevent termites infestation. After a rain, you should make sure there is no moisture around your house. If you find, make them dry. This way can keep termites away to elsewhere if you’re lucky.

Among all kinds of termites, Dampwood termites especially like to feed on moist timber of any kind. They are usually larger than Drywood or Subterranean termites and also can destroy the structures of houses by hollowing out support beams, which can cost a lot for repairs.

To identify termite’s activity, solve moisture issues should be dealt with more than anything. What’ve you got there? Part of our thorough termite inspections at Dunrite includes our technicians scoping out moisture and water. A moisture meter is an essential tool used during a termite inspection to detect moisture content in materials like walls.

How about getting a termite inspection next time when it’s raining? We will surely help you protect your property from termites for peace of mind regarding termite control call 1300 737 378.

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