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Does heat attract rodents?


Summer is a season where pests can prominently invade your homes. It’s knowing which ones will attack and when. For rodents, it’s all seasons. They don’t have one season where they’re not out and about and coming into your home to find food. 

Although during summer, rats and mice will try to find shelter in the cooler spots of your home. These spots can include up in your roof and behind the walls in your rooms. Don’t be too surprised if you find one in your pantry either. They love to survive off of food in your home.

Rats and mice move around a lot so it’s best to keep an eye out on their whereabouts in your home. They still know the best hiding spots even in the hotter weather.

Some of the ways they enter your home is through holes and, they commonly use the roof as their habitat for their long term accomodation. If they don’t find any openings to scamper into on the roof, they can easily chew through the plaster and other building materials! They are used to chewing through the insulation so this wouldn’t bother them at all. Beware of the rats and mice in the summer heat, or even all year around!