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Dunrite Pest Control – What attracts termites to your home?


Termites are an insect that has existed for over 120 million years. They are social insects, which means they form colonies if they are entering your home. There are many ways termites can be attracted to your home.They find places to nest around your house once they find what attracts them. These places can range from the ceiling to your gutters and drains but not just limited to this!

If you have signs of moisture around inadequate drainage, termites will find the pools of water from this. Your insulation will then become vulnerable to the termites. You also need to ensure there are no dead trees or stumps in your yard because they can become easy targets to termite attacks.

If you use your garden or have a garden and are mulching, the wood chips in your mulch can become a food item for termites, especially when moisture is involved. If you try and minimise your mulch use in the garden, you can ensure that the termites won’t attack. 

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