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Rain & Rats in Brisbane


Increase in rats and mice infiltrating Brisbane homes results in rising calls for assistance.


Torrential rain and flooding cause rats and mice to retreat indoors, where there is an abundance of food and shelter. With these conditions prevailing it’s likely this behaviour will continue as the rodents are dislodged from their more traditional nests and burrows.

Some giveaway signs of a rat or mouse infestation are small teeth and scratch marks, foul ammonia type odour, faeces, scuff marks & stains on walls or skirting boards.. Hearing scratching noises, especially at night, is also a sign that rodents could be present, and their nocturnal nature means they can remain hidden for a long time before you begin to suspect they’ve invaded your home.

Rodents can cause big issues in a household, not only can they damage your property through gnawing and scratching on timber, pipes and cables but they are also known to carry germs and dieses and an infestation can spread very quickly. So if you think you have issues its best to call in the professionals to deal with the problem sooner rather than later.

Prevention is typically better than cure and there are some practical steps you can take to ensure these pesky critters don’t show up in your home like make sure you seal any gaps, don’t leave food out over night and make sure food waste is stored away properly.


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