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Signs Of Termites


Termites are very dangerous and they are damaging upwards of 34000 Australian homes every year. In some cases, they just cause a little bit of damage, but in other cases the damage is very severe. That’s why you need to understand the signs of termites and address the issue as fast as possible. It’s a great idea to eliminate termites before you have a full-on infestation, and here you have some of the signs you need to look out for.

Clicking sounds coming from the walls

What you will notice about termite infestations is that more often than not, there’s a random sound coming from the walls. That might not feel like a whole much at first, but it’s definitely one of those situations that you need to address as quickly as you can. The truth is that those clicking sounds are a sign soldier termites are banging their head against the wood. Obviously, it also means that there’s a termite infestation coming and it has to be stopped.

Wood tunnels

One of the more common signs of termites is definitely tunnels found in wood. These galleries are hard to spot from the outside, but if you see any wood damage and you open it up a bit, you will most likely see termites being camped there. It’s definitely not something you want to encounter, but it’s quite common.

Termite droppings

Frass or termite droppings can appear within your furniture or any wooden structure. Drywood termites are not using feces to build tunnels. They push it away from the small holes near the nest entrance. What that does is it results in some black marks and some powdery substance in the infested area.

Your windows/doors are hard to open

If this happens, it can be a sign of termites as well. That means they generated moisture in order to eat and tunnel through the window or door. In doing so, the wood gets warped, and your doors or windows are much harder to open than you would imagine.

Hollow sounding timber

This can be a sign of termites because they most likely ate the wood from inside out. So even if the outside is clear and without any termite signs, the truth is that your furniture or wooden structure might already be severely damaged from the inside.

You see a lot of white ants

A lot of people mistake termites with ants. Some of them call these white ants. But the reality is that termites are light in their coloring, usually their color is white, creamy and a bit translucent. They also have straight antennae, and the waste section of termites is thicker when compared to an ant. If you see such an insect, it’s most likely a termite.


It’s very important to watch out for any signs of termites, if you can. Not only will it help you prevent problems, but it will eliminate a lot of concerns. It’s one of those things that you need to look out for because it helps you focus on identifying problems and solving issues in no time. It’s totally worth it, so use that to your advantage!

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