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Termites in Winter


We are usually dealing with termites during the summer months. But the question is, are you going to deal with termites in winter as well? Termites tend to have a different approach during this time, since they are looking for warmth and shelter. Which is why termite activity within your home can become quite the issue during winter time.

What are termites doing when winter time comes?

They won’t just die off. Instead, they stay active, to the point where the queen is laying new eggs. Their daily tasks are less demanding, they are spending less time foraging, but the colony itself is very active. In order to protect themselves, termites will dig deep into the ground. Their focus is to search a warm soil. When they find a suitable area, they develop their nest there and they will wait until winter is over.

On top of that, they will forage food close to their nest, and they will also spend less time outdoors when compared to the summer. Their constant pursue for heat is extremely important, since termites need food, water and warmth in order to survive during the winter.

Will termite activity affect you this winter?

Since termites feed on wood, they will try to look for their food where there are some warm temperatures. And that does mean your home can have termite activity during the winter. Once they set up nests, you will have thousands of termites trying to eat all the wood within your home. This is a major problem, so you want to ensure that you protect your home from any kind of termite attack. That can be a problem, and it’s something you want to avoid as much as possible.

Usually, termites will try to build their nest either in your home’s foundation or walls. It’s important to note that they will not stop until they eat up all the wood they can access. Some of the signs you need to look for are things like damaged wood, mud tubes and so on. It’s crucial to be diligent when it comes to termites in winter, because they can indeed be a major issue.

You always need to take your time and assess any signs of termite damage within your home. If you see things like mud tubes or damaged wood, then you need to call an exterminator right away. In case you leave this issue untreated, then you can end up with severe challenges. Which is why we recommend talking with a professional as quickly as possible.


It’s very easy to ignore any signs of termite activity, but it’s imperative not to do so. The main focus is to ensure that you are handling the termite activity appropriately and with great success. This is not going to be simple, but if you just leave termites alone and don’t take any precautions or measures, you will end up with lots of wood damage throughout your home. Try to address that right away and use the best pest control treatments to keep your home safe from termites!

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