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Was my house infected by Termites? : Signs of termites infestation.


Most of the time, you could never know termites are invading your house.

However, you might have seen some weird marks or “leftovers” around the home.

Termites, make large nests. This can be as big as a soccer ball or even bigger; like a mini got air balloon sticking around trees. The termite nests. Or like this picture above, a long line shape mud stains; termite tube or mudding.

Or strange markings or holes in your skirting boards like this above!

If you spotted one of them, you’d better call Dunrite right way. to have the job DunOnce DunRite!

Termite invasion can be costly, so ensure Dunrite is on your team to protect your home and assests without the large ticket price! Remember termites could have already done thousands of dollars worth of damage if they already are inside your home!

Dunrite is here to help! We offer reliable termite inspection and installation of Termite barriers to stop termites from invading your property. Get your FREE QUOTE Today – 1300 737 378 #dunritepestcontrol

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