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What Lawn Grubs Are Like In Hotter Weather


Are you a person who likes to keep your lawn neat and tidy during rain hail and shine? Lawn Grubs are a pest that comes out during the warmer weather. To ensure you are not having to deal with these pests invading your lawn during Spring and Summer, Dunrite Termite and Pest Control can inspect your property for these slimy pests.

Some signs you may have lawn grubs is patches of grass being covered in what seems like a type of moss. Your grass will turn a brown colour and it will seem it has been infected by the pests. Also if you have any white moths that are flying around during sundown in the afternoon, beware! as they can leave traces of their eggs around for the lawn grubs to grab a hold of the next day.

Lawn grubs are more likely to attack a lawn that is very well maintained and properly fed during the hotter months in Australia. Keep an eye on your lawn this hot summer and contact Dunrite Termite and Pest Control for more information on keeping Lawn Grubs away today!