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What temperature attracts ants?


Have you ever wondered what temperature attracts ants to your home? Ants are a cold-blooded species. As they are cold-blooded creatures, this means that they need warmth to survive.

Once winter hits, you’ll start to notice ant colonies will increase. The trick is to catch them out in the spots you don’t look at that often before they begin to invade more. Once they are in your house, they will start to venture for warmth under carpets, in walls, or on your floors. They won’t leave those warm places unless they are hunting for food.

The food items that ants devour on are usually plants and grains. Although, they won’t find these items in the colder months if they are moving around in the warmth of your home. This factor is why they look for alternative options on your kitchen benchtops or other surfaces.

To put it simply, ants prefer hotter weather instead of colder weather, and they will seek shelter when the cooler months or rain come. Ensure you get a pest inspection as the colder months start. Contact Dunrite Termite and Pest Control for a quote today!