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Winter Pests are coming in!


A season comes to an end, and a new one begins. Summer has passed us by, and winter soon will have taken its place.

When the cold weather hits, some pests go into hibernation, while others seek warmth and food sources inside homes. Pests are searching for warmer places to live as the colder weather moves through the region. Pests like your home because it provides them with consistent temperatures and food.

When unwelcome “pests” arrive in the home, life becomes intolerable. They wreck furniture and clothing, contaminate food, and can frighten children and animals. They can show up in unexpected ways.


In Australia, the house mouse is the most frequently seen rodent. House mice prefer quiet, secluded areas to build their nests. By chewing through drywall and wires, mice can cause significant property damage and even start an electrical fire. House mice have also been linked to food contamination and the spread of diseases such as Salmonella and tapeworms.

Have your place checked today! Just in case a pest a lurking around at night.

Dunrite Done once!

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